Modern Animism

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animism / ’anɪmɪz(ə)m /

  1. the attribution of a living soul to plants, rocks, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena.
  2. the belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe.

Patricia Domingues commissioned these blocks of synthetic gems based on Van Eyck’s colour palette and the mineral pigments that he used.

Feel free to choose a fragment, take a photograph of it with your smartphone and upload it to You can take the fragment home with you.

By contrasting the physical stone and the uploaded copy, Domingues wants us to think about the virtual, intangible world that is consuming an ever-larger part of our lives. She juxtaposes this with animism: the idea that objects have a soul, which you can make contact with through touch.

Modern Animism in Ghent


Modern Animism, 2019-2020
Patricia Domingues
In collaboration with V-A Studio
Created for Kleureyck